Brit Hume Busts the 'Monument Mob' for Why They Really Want to Take Down Statues

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Brit Hume says President Trump got “rolled” on debt deal with Democrats.

Some have tried to justify the actions of the radical leftists trying to take out statues and monuments, or the ‘Monument Mob’ as our friends over at Twitchy have termed them, is rightly upset with Confederate statues or statues of slave owners.


But the purpose of a lot of the leftist mob isn’t really about black lives. Because if it was, they wouldn’t destroy black businesses and black neighborhoods. They wouldn’t vandalize monuments to black Civil War veterans who fought slavery or statues of Abraham Lincoln and abolitionists, all of which has been done.

The answer is they’re trying to piggyback off the concern for black lives from well-meaning people, or as some have termed it “hijacking” that cause to use it to spread chaos to bring down the American system because that’s the true goal.

From The Federalist:

Their target is not the Confederacy. It is the United States. They mean to destroy symbols of American history writ large, because to them all of American history is racist and genocidal. Their goal is not to cleanse a nation they love of monuments to Confederate traitors who tried to secede, but to cleanse their consciences of ever having loved such an evil and irredeemably racist country in the first place.

That is why you see mobs defacing statues of abolitionists like Matthias Baldwin and Union war heroes like Adm. David Farragut and Gen. George Thomas. That is why the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier of the American Revolution in Philadelphia was vandalized this past weekend with the words “committed genocide.” That is why statues of Christopher Columbus were torn down or beheaded in three cities last week. That is why officials in Dallas recently removed a Texas Ranger statue from Love Field Airport. That is why a mob of college students toppled two statues of American pioneers on the University of Oregon campus.


Exactly. All the causes, whether they are “black lives,” the Iraq War or Occupy/big banks, are just a means to an end which is about taking down the system for radical leftists, that’s the ultimate goal, everything else is just a means to that end.

But as Hume observes, media doesn’t want to call it out. Because then more would get it and get what’s going on, and they’d lose the shield of “we’re acting in a noble cause” as opposed to we’re just acting to bring down the American system. It’s the reason “Antifa” uses the name Antifa, it sounds better and fools people.

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