George Washington Statue Defaced in Chicago, Spray Painted With Threat to the White House

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The flag on the roof of the White House flies at half-staff by order of President Donald Trump, “for every life lost to the coronavirus pandemic,” Friday, May 22, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

What statue, monument, media or cultural symbol is safe from the Cancelista leftists?

We’ve seen everything from shows like “Cops” and “Live PD” canceled, to “Gone With the Wind” being pulled and editors like James Bennett of the New York Times being pushed out for daring to publish anything the radical left wouldn’t abide.

We’ve also seen people vandalizing or destroying monuments to WWII veterans, the Lincoln Memorial, confederate figures, and Christopher Columbus, among others.

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany asked when was the mania going to stop — would they want to get rid of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson next? Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) asked, “Are we going to tear the Washington Monument down? Are we going to rename it the Obelisk of Wokeness?”

Turns out the “Father of our Country,” George Washington, is not safe from them, apparently.

Someone vandalized the Washington statue erected to him in Chicago’s Washington Park, putting a white hood over him and spray painting “Slave Owner,” “God bless Amerikkka” and the threat, “Burn down the White House.”


On Saturday, Chicago also had a Columbus statue that was vandalized at Chicago’s Museum Campus, with “BLM” spray-painted across the statue’s base.

This is the radical leftist mob, wishing to throw under their feet anything which they deem offensive. All history at which they are offended must be swept away in the purge of Stalinist revisionism.

When they are done, who then is left? They’ve even damaged monuments to black civil war veterans and abolitionists. Who is safe from this kind of crazy leftist purge?

From the NY Post:

There is a word for the situation in which there is no room for disagreement. The word is not “justice.” It is “totalitarianism.” That is what cancel culture is, and we have seen it in highly developed form in such places as East Germany under Honecker and China under Mao and the Cultural Revolution.

The only question is do we have the will to stop this insanity?


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