Civil Rights Attorney Leo Terrell Explains Why He's 'Stopped Drinking the Democratic Kool Aid'

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Leo Terrell

Liberal civil rights attorney Leo Terrell has a message for anyone who’s still a Democrat: If you want law and order, you’re not going to get it from Democrats.


Terrell, who has often been a featured liberal commentator, appeared on Sean Hannity’s show and revealed how why he was done with the “Democratic Kool-Aid.”

From Townhall:

“This is why I stopped drinking the Democrat Kool-Aid. I can’t take this hypocrisy anymore. [….]

“Richard Russell from the South was against integration. He was opposed to anti-lynching bills. That’s what bothers me about this whole thing, that Democrats, just because of the D in their name, they could be a racist,” Terrell explained. “That statement by Joe Biden is so offensive and then you spike glee out there and say, ‘It’s okay.’ That’s offensive. If any Republican said the same thing they would be in trouble, big trouble.”

“Joe Biden gave us the crime bill in 1994. President Trump gave us the First Step,” he said. “The bottom line is this: I don’t need the Democrats to insult me or try to placate me with African garb, Nancy Pelosi. Pass some laws. Pass some reforms. Show me something other than some kind of condescending act just because you’re a Democrat. That doesn’t follow anymore.”

Terrell then finished it off encouraging Democrats to “walk away.” “Last point, Democrats, please leave the party. If you want law and order, you cannot get it from the Democrats.”


Hannity then pressed Terrell a little further and asked him if he was voting for President Donald Trump. Terrell smiled and didn’t immediately respond. But then he said he definitely wasn’t voting for Joe Biden and that if Biden put Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on the ticket, he definitely would be voting for Trump.

Sounds like Leo might have been “red pilled.”

Like many Americans, Terrell was very disturbed by the reactions of a lot of Democrats to the riots and the support for radical measures like “defunding the police.” Democrats don’t understand that their reaction to the riots is causing people like Terrell who want neighborhoods and citizens protected to walk away from them.

Add that to the fact that Trump has actually worked substantively on issues like criminal justice reform whereas Biden has assumed he’s entitled to the black vote, telling people “you ain’t black” if you don’t know to vote for him.

Expect Terrell to be joined by many others.


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