Rioters Block Highway, Set Wendy's on Fire After Officer-Involved Shooting of a Black Man in Atlanta

Atlanta Journal-Constitution
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Police shooting of Rayshard Brooks

As we reported earlier, there have been protests all day in the wake of a shooting of a black man by police in Atlanta.

The man, Rayshard Brooks, was found by the police asleep in his car in the drive-thru lane at a Wendy’s and was given a field sobriety test by the police which he allegedly failed. But when they told Brooks that he was going to be arrested, he reportedly resisted arrest. While he was resisting he kept struggling with the police and he grabbed the taser of one of the cops. He was then able to break away and run. He turned back with the taser in hand and appeared to fire it at one of the officers. He was then shot and killed.


Protesters then shut down the highway near the Wendy’s, blocking and bringing traffic to a standstill.

They then broke into the Wendy’s and set it on fire.


They brought in SWAT to help reopen the highway and it looks like anyone that was still blocking the highway is being arrested.

What’s the point in burning the Wendy’s? Because even though Brooks resisted and aimed a weapon at the cops and may have fired it, they’re blaming Wendy’s for calling the police on him because he was blocking the drive-thru lane. It makes no sense and it helps no one, and once again, more people out of jobs for no reason when rioting is the response.

Meanwhile, the Atlanta police chief has resigned. One of the officers was treated for unspecified injuries and the Mayor threw the officer involved under the bus saying that he should have been terminated despite the actions of Brooks and without waiting for a further investigation.


This is likely to kick off a lot more trouble this weekend.


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