Man Screams 'You're Choking Me' As People Hold Him Down During Altercation in Seattle Autonomous Zone

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Seattle protest

The folks in the Seattle Autonomous Zone are getting a fast tutorial that not is all peace and roses just because you wish it to be.

Even choosing a name isn’t simple. People got upset that the name Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone was being used without most agreeing, so now it seems to be morphing into the CHOP, the Capitol Hill Occupied Protest.


They appear to be finding out that they may actually have to deal with issues, especially if you have a lot of radical leftists, homeless and even folks with mental issues.

Pro tip? That’s why most civilized societies developed police. Police were not developed as sources of oppression despite your radical professor telling you so.

Police Chief Carmen Best has said there are all kinds of violent crimes going on in the zone to which the police have not been able to respond including rapes and robberies.

But they certainly appeared to need police during what appeared to be a continuing altercation.

Suddenly they appeared to have this guy on the ground.


It’s not clear that he was actually in a chokehold but they did have weight on top of him in the following video and had him pressed into the ground when suddenly he started yelling, “You’re choking me.” They suddenly realized it was similar to the position George Floyd had been in and people yelled to get off him.

But remember, mostly peaceful. Block party. Summer of love.

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