Here Comes the Chicago Effort at an Autonomous Zone, But Someone Didn't Plan Very Well

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Seattle Zone

So what happens when you don’t deal with a group of anarchists seizing six blocks of the city in Seattle? When you even praise them, call them patriotic and the seizure a great big “block party” “summer of love,” as the mayor did?


You get more anarchists and leftists trying to do the same thing.

Some tried it Friday night in Nashville, as we reported, across from the Capitol in Legislative Plaza. They demanded that officials “remove racist statues,” “demilitarize the police,” “fire Chief Anderson,” and “defund the police.” The governor had said they would not be tolerated and because of Occupy, there’s actually a law there against camping on that land.

But now they also tried one at the University of Chicago, with students staging a sit-in the lobby of the campus police headquarters, demanding the police be defunded.

But this was actually pretty hilarious. The police locked the doors so they they couldn’t get out and no food could get in. They were furious that the pizza they had ordered couldn’t get in and they had no food or bathrooms. Someone apparently didn’t plan this effort very well. Police said they could leave to eat or go to the bathroom but then they couldn’t get back in. So they had to set up a tent in the back of the area to go to the bathroom in. In just a few hours, they are already the poopy Occupy.


Here they are, chanting “Let us eat!” Shouldn’t you have thought of that?

You can see more in this thread here.

They set up a bunch of tents outside the university police headquarters as well and there are a bunch of folks occupying the ground there. They set up bikes, cars, tents and dumpsters to create their barricades. Isn’t it hilarious that the folks who so complained about walls, the minute they set up their “utopias,” they create walls?

Given that it’s a liberal university, just like with Seattle, I don’t hold out much hope that they’ll fully get the boot out they deserve. But I give props to the cops for “trapping” them in the lobby area and making them whine. They even reportedly cut off the AC inside the building. Great job, University of Chicago PD!


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