Tucker Takes Apart Demands of the Seattle Autonomous Zone and the Fecklessness of the Dem Response

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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Antia sets up an “autonomous,” “cop free” zone in Seattle, Washington, following the death of George Floyd while he was in Minneapolis police custody. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

Tucker Carlson covered the takeover of several blocks in Seattle, which the radical leftists have now renamed as the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.”

It’s now being guarded by armed people at the barricades, where they are checking people coming in and out and as Dan Springer notes on the video, there isn’t a single cop or city official in sight. Gee, sort of sounds like a wall.

According to Springer, the police abandoned the East Precinct in the middle of the zone because of a threat that “criminals within the protest group were planning to burn it down.” So they just abandoned it and left, too bad for any of the citizens in the area. Police told Springer that they’d also received reports of the armed guards demanding some money from businesses inside the zone.

As we have previously reported, one of the anarchists reported the homeless had taken all their food and tweeted asking that if people could contribute, asking for vegan and soy products. There were also reports of a “warlord” acting as “police” who allegedly beat up at least one person for spraying graffiti.

Sounds totally peaceful, right?

City officials appear to be doing nothing at all about it. Incredibly, Gov. Jay Inslee on Wednesday night said he wasn’t even aware of what was going on there, “That’s news to me.”


While Inslee appeared not to know what was going on in his own state, President Donald Trump did and said that if Inslee and the Mayor didn’t restore order, he would, saying the anarchists must be stopped.

Anyone who still thinks this about police brutality needs to take a look at the “demands” that they have, as Tucker outlines, including abolish the police department and the court system, disarm the police until they are abolished, the retrial of all non-white felons and abolishing all prisons. Carlson also said they wanted black patients to be treated by black doctors, which he termed “segregation.” Of course, they also want amnesty for all rioters so they would get a pass too. Why would anyone go along with any of this and what does this have to do with the death of George Floyd?

The mayor, Jenny Durkan, refused to respond to Fox about how they intended to handle the situation.

“What happens when leaders behave like that, when they are so weak, they can’t even criticize the lunatics with guns, creating a new country in the middle of their biggest city?” Carlson said. “As long as we have leaders like that, and as long as they refuse to stand up to extremists, we’re going to get more extremism.”


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