Gov. Inslee Calls Anarchists Who Seized Part of Seattle And Chased Cops Out 'Largely Peaceful,' He And Mayor Attack Trump Instead

Townhall Media/Julio Rosas
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Antifa’s “autonomous,” “cop free” zone in Seattle, Washington, following the death of George Floyd while in Minneapolis police custody. (Townhall Media/Julio Rosas)

Seattle is really showing what feckless leaders they have in their failure to respond to armed insurrectionist anarchists seizing several blocks of Seattle and taking over a police precinct.

The police abandoned the precinct after they said there was a credible threat of it being burnt down by the “protesters.” What the heck? So you abandon it and leave the area?

The area has been vandalized with all kinds of graffiti, reports are that businesses are allegedly being shaken down for money and there also reports of a “police force” of a man some have called a “warlord” who has allegedly attacked people for doing things of which he doesn’t approve.

Most Americans are saying what the heck is going on there and President Donald Trump pretty much echoed that opinion. He told the local officials they needed to get their act together and if they didn’t, he would act to help their citizens.


So who did the Mayor and the Governor tell Trump? Thanks for the help?

Nope, they’re attacking Trump and siding with the anarchists.

We reported on the governor’s initial response earlier.

This was the guy who said last night the news about the seizure of the streets by the anarchists was “news to me.”

Now here’s the Mayor’s ridiculous reply:

But it’s actually Durkan who is under fire and seemingly in hiding. She failed to respond to Fox as to what she intended to do to address the situation and help her citizens. She is also being attacked by the anarchists and they’ve demanded her resignation.

More from the Governor, he’s more upset and intent on mischaracterizing the offer of help from Trump than he is with dealing with the anarchists.


This is his response?

This is what having a progressive governor and mayor is like, folks. Understand it well and do everything you can to get people not to vote for Democrats in November, because insanity like this is the result.


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