Radical Leftists in Seattle Seize Several Blocks and a Police Precinct, Declare It 'Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone'

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Seattle Barricades

Police with the assistance of the National Guard have brought peace back to some of the cities hit by riots.

But Seattle, always a hotbed of radical leftists and Antifa action, has had militant leftists take over several blocks in the city, establishing what they call the “Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone” or the “Capitol Hill Free Zone.” One of the buildings in the area was a local police precinct which they also seized after the police abandoned it rather than defend it. Is this unreal or what?


Warning for language:

Notice how among other things, they don’t do this “soft pedal” thing Democrats are doing trying to do an Orwellian redefining what “defund police” means. They make it clear they mean “abolish” and “cop-free.” Democratic efforts to call it something else are just trying to sugar coat it. Giving in to these people, giving them a little, they literally take a mile more.


They have reportedly asked for folks to man the barricades armed. Here are folks talking about it.


Occupy 2.0, but even worse and armed.

If they think that would stop a takeover if officials wanted to order one, they are gravely mistaken and it would not end well.

But far left Seattle would more likely simply cede them that part of the city. Too bad for anyone in that zone. My Northwest still called them “peaceful protesters” and some on the city council including their socialist member, Kshama Sawant, said they would support a 50% defunding of the police. Continuing to reward bad behavior and accede to radical leftists.


Notice the “Kill the police” on the barricades. Does that mean “defund?”

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