China Celebrates Riots in U.S.: 'Beautiful Sight,' 'Retribution,' Suggest They Could Back the Riots

Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP
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In this photo released by Xinhua News Agency, Chinese President Xi Jinping attends the G20 Extraordinary Virtual Leaders’ Summit on COVID-19 via video link in Beijing, capital of China, March 26, 2020. Leaders of the world’s most powerful economies convened virtually on Thursday with the aim of coordinating a global response to the fast-spreading coronavirus, which has shuttered businesses and forced well over a quarter of the world’s population into home isolation. (Li Xueren/Xinhua via AP)

Just in case you forgot about it for a moment.

China is asshoe.

They proved that once again with their reaction to the riots in the United States.

Their state media was crowing about it, calling it “retribution” for the support of the U.S. for Hong Kong pro-democracy protesters and imposing sanctions on them for their treatment of the protesters, not to mention for the U.S. calling them out for their cover-up over the Wuhan coronavirus.

Trump also moving to end Hong Kong’s preferential trading status. That’s what would really hit them in the pocketbook.

According to the Washington Times, the Global Times, an arm of the Chinese Communist Party, suggested it would be justified if they backed the protests and riots in the Unite States.

In a column written by its Editor-in-Chief Hu Xijin, he taunted the U.S. for support of the Hong Kong protesters.

“Now, the ‘beautiful sight’ is extending from Hong Kong to over a dozen U.S. states,” the paper said. “U.S. politicians now can enjoy this sight from their own windows.” […]

“A quick question for Pelosi and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo: Should the Chinese government and National People’s Congress issue a statement to support the protests by African-Americans and the grassroots of U.S. society?” Mr. Hu wrote. “It seems to be what Beijing should do according to the logic of Washington cheering for the rioters in Hong Kong.” [….]

Chinese media accused Mr. Trump of hypocrisy with his sanctions over Hong Kong’s protests.

“Trump really had the nerve to make the announcement when a group of furious Washington citizens were storming toward the White House,” the Global Times column said Saturday. “Washington must have failed to anticipate that retribution could come that fast. It should be thinking about it though.”


There has been some speculation on social media about possible involvement by the Chinese. Right now it appears they have some bots promoting the riots but it’s not clear yet there’s anything more than that. It’s also pretty clear that leftist Antifa folks are involved in the actions. But it shouldn’t necessarily be discounted, there can be more than one group trying to promote chaos.

The Global Times mocked the U.S. and suggested Hong Kong protesters were behind the action.

The column suggested that the U.S. protests were a kind of punishment for Mr. Trump over his policy on Hong Kong and said the U.S. political system is “declining” at an “accelerating” rate. It sought to cast the authoritarian communist government in Beijing as superior.

“The odds of outbreaks of riots in the U.S. are much higher than they are in China,” it claimed. “How could politicians in Washington possibly define the disturbances in other countries as ‘beautiful sights’ publicly? It is stupid to do so simply because they want to attack China. Let’s wait and see which country will encounter more chaos.”

Then CGTN had the nerve to talk to us about “discrimination” in the U.S. when they pulled black people out of their homes last month and barred them from restaurants in Guangzhou, they lock up millions in concentration camps for being minorities and they even harvest people organs.



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