Biden: Police Should Respond to 'Unarmed Person' Coming at Them With a Knife by 'Shooting 'em in the Leg' Rather Than the Heart

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Vice President Joe Biden, participates in a Democratic presidential primary debate at CNN Studios, Sunday, March 15, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee is finally up out of the basement over the past week.


As we reported, he admitted to basically hiding saying it was working well.

But it didn’t prevent him from gaffing interviews from the basement and since he’s been out, he seems to be even worse.

But he really went to town on during a speech at a church with black community leaders in attendance.

First, as we reported, he lied claiming that he called for a shutdown a month before Trump issued social distancing guidelines, which he not only never did, he argued against travel restrictions and suggested such things were “hysterical xenophonbia” and said outright he didn’t think they would do any good.

But then he really went over the slide, and said something that has people on both sides of the aisle disturbed.

Biden said if an “unarmed person” coming at the police with a “knife or something” should be trained so that they “shoot ’em in the leg instead of in the heart.” He was talking about that as a possible “change” that one might make to approach to police training.


Oh, my. Where to begin?

First, if an unarmed person is coming at you, they don’t have a knife. If they have a knife, they are not “unarmed.” Biden either doesn’t understand that or is, as usual, incoherent.

If you’re shooting an unarmed person without a threat to your life, then yes, that’s a problem and you would not be advising police to “shoot in the leg.”

But no, if a man with a knife is coming at you, you don’t “shoot for the leg,” that’s an incredibly stupid comment. Every and any police officer will tell you, they have been taught to shoot for center mass to take down the attacker. If you shoot for the leg, you are likely to miss and die. No one is trained that way because it’s a way to guarantee you die.

The comment makes it clear that Biden has absolutely no idea what he is talking about.

He said he would form a “police oversight board,” already a commonplace thing for decades in most major cities. Again, something he seems not to know.

Just what did he do to solve anything for the 36 years he was in the Senate and the eight years as Vice President? Not a darn thing. Indeed, they had riots throughout the Obama administration. He and Barack Obama just made it worse, stoked division and police hatred.

From Fox News:

Rev. Shanika Perry, youth pastor of Bethel AME Church, brought up concerns young people have with Biden’s support of the 1994 crime bill.

“It’s been difficult to serve as a surrogate to them because they have great issues with the participation in that. And so they want to know how do you plan to undo the impact of the mass incarceration and the things that have resulted from that particular crime bill,” she told the former vice president.

As he jumped into the White House race 14 months ago, Biden was slammed by many of his nomination rivals for his role leading efforts to write and pass the 1994 Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act. The law has long been criticized for unfairly impacting minorities for its “three strikes” rule, which expanded the death penalty and increased incarcerations, and for encouraging tougher parole rules.


Meanwhile, President Donald Trump has enacted the First Step Act, to help non-violent offenders who were over sentenced to get out and rebuild their lives. He is already working on the Second Step Act.


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