The Items Showing Up At Protests Across the Country Have Police Talking and Raises Questions About Who's Organizing All This

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Demonstrators start a fire as they protest the death of George Floyd, Sunday, May 31, 2020, near the White House in Washington. Floyd died after being restrained by Minneapolis police officers (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)

Some Democrats and folks in the media have been trying to falsely blame white nationalists for the violence at the riots.

Apart from the fact that we can see on videos that’s not true and we can see the organizing of radical leftist organizations/Antifa, there’s no way Proud Boys or the smattering of white nationalists across the country could be accounting for all the actions across the country.

Nor could they account for the strange items beginning to show up at protests/riots.

Across the country, people are reporting pallets of bricks showing up readily available at protests/riots spots across the country, not necessarily near any construction areas or places where work is being done.

Here’s Manhattan:



Now I’m not one given to conspiracies, most of the riots are in cities where there is often construction going on, although many said there wasn’t in the areas in question.

But even the police think there are some questions worth asking here and they don’t think it’s just accidental there are these easily available weapons to destroy things with just where protests/riots would pass or are meeting.

They obviously believe they were there to be used in a riot.

A police spokesperson said they believed there were there for nefarious purposes.


From Daily Caller:

“I don’t know who would have put them there. I don’t think they’re doing any type of construction or anything like that. I sense that they’re probably there for nefarious use,” Capt. David Jackson told reporters on Sunday.

Kansas City police deemed protests near the Plaza unruly on Sunday night after demonstrators began throwing debris at officers.

Fires were also set during the riot. A reporter for KSHB, a Kansas City TV station, said her car was set on fire near the protests.

Actual protesters caught white rioters handing out bricks to black kids and let them have it.

Good for that lady. Because the kids might then get arrested but these scum would go scot-free, their hands not dirtying their hands with the action.

Here’s the license plate number:

But what police found in Baltimore was even more troubling. Yes, they found the brick stashes. But there was more.


Bottles with accelerators sounds like Molotov cocktails, like the two separate rioter incidents in New York reported here and here.

White nationalists don’t have all this organization or the monetary ability to do this.

The Baltimore reporter adds the bricks happened during the riots in 2015.

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