Warning Very Graphic: Man Savagely Beaten by Rioters as He Tries to Defend a Business in Dallas

Elijah Schaffer
AP featured image
a man brutally beaten reportedly trying to defend a local shop.

These riots may be about a lot of things but the last thing that seems to be on the mind of some of these folks is George Floyd.


It’s a chance to break and loot things, with leftists deliberately pushing chaos.

Looting a Nike store or shops in Beverly Hills doesn’t say how much you care about George Floyd of “justice,” it just shows you’re a criminal who will take advantage to help destroy and/or harm more lives. As we’re reported, it wreaks the most havoc on the business owners who have now lost their life’s work or the poor people who are left without the stores and the resources they rely on to live.

Rioting has erupted across the country with all manner of violence including the attempted murder of cops in New York.

In Dallas, there was a horrible example of how true this is — that it’s no longer about Floyd.

A man was defending a business when rioters began throwing rocks and bricks at him. He then tried to wave a sword to defend himself and was savagely set upon by rioters who viciously beat him, hitting him in the head with a skateboard, stomping and kicking him until he was left twisted and unconscious on the ground. Initially, it looked as though he may have been killed.

The Blaze TV’s Elijah Schaffer who was covering the riots in Dallas captured it on video.


Warning: very graphic.

But they threw the bricks at him before he pulled the sword in defense. Schaffer called for help for the man, who was still alive.

According to the Daily Mail, while the victim’s body appeared mangled by the stomping and kicking of the mob, he was able to sit up later and was seen holding his hand to his head before being taken in an ambulance.


Schaffer reported that the FBI was on the ground in Dallas.

Turns out CNN’s Brian Stelter actually did ask one good question Saturday night. He asked where are the leaders of any of these cities? Virtually all Democrat-controlled cities. Where is the National Guard?

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