Angry Rioters Brutally Beat Woman in Rochester, Husband Tries to Defend Her

Gino Fanelli
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Rochester, NY George Floyd protest

Rioting and looting has spread to a lot of cities including Rochester, New York. There was a pretty horrible beating of a woman outside of a business after she tried to stop people from smashing the windows of the Rochester Fire Equipment Company. The woman and her husband lived above the store. The group apparently had been trying to loot a jewelry store next door.


As the woman talks to the small mob, they suddenly turn and start attacking her, one woman punching her and another man beating her with a board and the others join in the attack.

Her husband tries to come to the defense of his wife with a golf club but then they turn on him.

The video stops because the mob suddenly realizes they’re being filmed and start to go after Joe Painter, the man who took the video.

From 13 WHAM:

Joe Painter tells us he was out grocery shopping when he came upon the scene and started taking video on his cell phone.

Painter, who says he is a veteran of the War in Afghanistan, says it was one of the worst things he’s ever witnessed. He said he stopped recording abruptly because some of the people who attacked the woman in the video started running toward him.

Here it is from another angle.

Just a note, the tweet says “elderly woman,” it wasn’t an elderly woman, it was a young woman and it wasn’t the couple’s business.

The woman was taken away in the ambulance.


Reporter Ginny Ryan caught up with her through her mother today by phone.

Can we say again how does this help anyone? How is beating this woman helping anything? These folks don’t care about George Floyd, they’re just trying to use this as an opportunity to steal and break things. They wonder why people want to be armed. Notice, none of the armed places in Minneapolis got robbed. But trying to defend with a golf club against multiple people with boards leaves you at a distinct disadvantage.


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