MSNBC's Joy Reid Excuses MN Rioters, Attacks Armed Lockdown Protesters in MI

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Joy Reid

What is it with MSNBC?

They are really out of their minds with their reporting on what’s happening in Minneapolis.

They appear to be refusing to call riots “riots,” because apparently calling what’s actually happening by its proper name is bad, as we reported here and here.


Then MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tried to compare rioters to the American revolution, seemingly trying to justify their actions.

But that wasn’t all.

MSNBC’s Joy Reid compared the situation in Minneapolis to that of the armed protesters against the lockdown in Michigan, as though to suggest the different reaction of the police was racism.

“White men, who can get armed up and walk into a state capitol…that’s okay. And the police are benign– they don’t even act afraid. But let black people show up and protest the death of an innocent black man and suddenly…we got to go full force.”

But what was the difference? The armed Michigan protesters weren’t breaking the law, they even had their temperature checked before they went into the statehouse and complied with every requirement of the police. Some of the “white mean” were also people of color and women, but that doesn’t fit the narrative Reid is trying to paint. Uneven treatment comes from different actions.

Armed black protesters also were there in a group in Michigan. Nothing happened to them either.


They weren’t looting, attacking police or setting things on fire like the rioters in Minneapolis. Painting rioters just as “protesters,” as Joy Reid did, is excusing rioters and giving a false picture of the facts. But hey, it’s MSDNC.

But media and MSNBC painted the Michigan protesters as evil extremists and terrorists, while they wouldn’t even let their reporters use the word riot for folks who are destroying their city. 170 businesses were damaged over the past few days, many lit ablaze, harming the people there the most.

By the way what saved some of the businesses from being destroyed were armed white and black men standing in front of them, preventing them from being set ablaze.

Food for thought for Joy.


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