Twitter Slaps 'False' Label on Trump's Warning About Mail-in Ballot Fraud, but Tucker Carlson, Dan Bongino, and Experts Lay out Facts

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One of the very troubling things that Democrats tried to slip into the virus relief bills was an effort to establish mail-in voting across the country. It’s an effort that Democrats are pushing across the country which will open the door to all manner of fraud.

President Donald Trump warned about the increased dangers of fraud with such an effort.

Twitter then made it clear they were taking a side in the debate by slapping a “false” claim on the president’s tweet.

Trump accused them of interfering in the election with that claim.

Since they didn’t fact check that, it must be true, The Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto observed, pointing out another issue with how silly the process is.

From Fox News:

Twitter’s new warning label was issued even though a Twitter spokesperson acknowledged to Fox News that Trump’s tweet had not broken any of the platform’s rules, and even though several experts have called mail-in balloting an invitation to widespread fraud.

“Absentee ballots remain the largest source of potential voter fraud,” read the conclusion of a bipartisan 2005 report authored by the Commission on Federal Election Reform, which was chaired by former President Jimmy Carter and former Secretary of State James Baker.


As my colleague Elizbeth Vaughn reported earlier, this isn’t idle speculation but a continuing problem, as the Alabama Secretary of State told CNN.

Dan Bongino pointed out how Twitter seems to have missed rather big glaring things in their “fact check,” like the New York Times story finding “votes cast by mail are less likely to be counted, more likely to be compromised and more likely to be contested than those cast in a voting booth, statistics show.”

Perhaps because the article didn’t fit with the narrative?

Tucker Carlson also laid out the multiple cases and the multiple additional problems that are incurred.
“Universal mail-in voting with ballot harvesting massively expands the potential for voter fraud, and it makes a mockery of the secret ballot.”


This is inviting problems on a massive scale. Remember the hanging chad fiasco?

That will be nothing compared to the problems if we went to an all mail-in voting system.

But there is no doubt that there are a lot of legitimate concerns and questions that it raises.

To slap a false label on this while allowing all manner of ridiculous and false things on Twitter, including out-and-out propaganda from the Chinese Communist government is just incredibly wrong.


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