Dem Strategist Steps in It Big Time, Tries to Play a 'Gotcha' on Whether 'You Ain't Black' 'Models' Are Trump Supporters

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Trump Campaign Sells #YouAin’tBlack T-shirts

Democrats never know when to quit.

They keep trying to defend Joe Biden’s indefensible “You ain’t black” comment or spin it to be something less offensive that it is.


Of course the problem is they’re trying to make it go away but it’s not something that people are going to forget.

So what have Democrats and their willing agents in liberal media been trying concentrate on instead? How dare President Donald Trump point out Biden’s racist remarks or tell others about it!

Republicans pounce!

Democratic strategist Joel Payne tried that tactic on CBS, according to Townhall:

“Within hours they had these t-shirts, ‘you ain’t black,’ that were on sale at the president’s online store,” a CBS host asked Democratic strategist Joel Payne, as pictures of two black models wearing the Trump campaign’s t-shirts appeared on the screen. “The campaign has confirmed a million-dollar ad blitz against the former vice president. Ads have already begun circulating online within hours. How does the Biden camp combat these kind of aggressive moves particularly online by the Trump campaign?”

The Democratic strategist answered by questioning whether the two “models” wearing the campaign’s t-shirts would actually vote for President Trump.

“It’s so interesting, the two models you showed showing those shirts, I wonder if they would actually vote for Donald Trump. That might be a good question for an industrious journalist to dig into,” said Payne.


Never ask a question to which you don’t know the answer.

Because you might get an answer that blows apart your case.

That’s exactly what happed to Payne with that assertion and it proved once again how Democrats assume politics based on race.

Of course the problem with his assertion is that they are both full-time Trump staffers.

Staffers don’t always get a lot of recognition so we give a shout out to Harrison Floyd and Gail Wilson, thanks for making the point!



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