You'll Never Guess Who Wants to Help Janice Dean Investigate Cuomo's Nursing Home Fiasco

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Janice Dean attends a screening of “A Lifetime of Sundays” at The Paley Center for Media on Wednesday, Sept. 18, 2019, in New York. (Photo by Charles Sykes/Invision/AP)

People in media and power are finally beginning to ask questions of Gov. Andrew Cuomo about the nursing home death scandal.

But that still doesn’t include CNN where the governor’s brother is a host. In fact, not only aren’t they asking him the questions they should be asking him, but they’re continuing to have him on in “interviews” with his brother that have variously praised how he’s dealt with the virus and suggested he was presidential material, or interviews that were absolutely silly, talking about him being “single and ready to mingle” and how he should “feel pretty good about himself” because of his popularity.

They had a shot last night, as he was on with his brother again. As my colleague Sister Toldjah reported, they blew it big time with a ridiculous segment about nasal swabs.


Janice Dean smacked the comedy duo with a little truth.

Then she asked where was his answer to the questions about his actions about nursing homes, a big jab at the fact that the question was never asked by his brother.

What a huge journalistic conflict of interest this continues to be and the problem apparently doesn’t bother CNN in the slightest.

Meghan McCain was not amused either.

But perhaps one of the more surprising reactions was a comment by NBC’s Maria Shriver.


It’s not just surprising because Shriver comes from a historically Democratic family. But it’s also surprising because that family used to include Andrew Cuomo, who was once married to Shriver’s cousin, Kerry Kennedy.

Good for Shriver for actually caring about the story and the lives. Maybe with a little more added weight there can be some accountability so there can be some accountability. While we’ve been concentrating a lot on New York because it’s the most blatant case with the highest number of deaths, that wasn’t the only state that mandated nursing homes take positive patients. They did that, even knowing that the nursing home folks were those most at risk from the virus. As a result, the highest category of deaths across the country has been from nursing homes.

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