Sounds Like Obama Is Throwing a Snit Over Traditional Event With Trump

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Former President Barack Obama speaks as he campaigns in support of Ohio gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray, Thursday, Sept. 13, 2018, in Cleveland. (AP Photo/David Dermer)

President Donald Trump gets whacked by media for temperament. But this is the same media who ignored how petty and thin-skinned Barack Obama was when he was president and after.

Word is that Obama intends to blow off the unveiling of his portrait at the White House, a traditional event for many years at which the president unveiled in portrait would normally be present with the current president, in this case, Trump.

But according to the Daily Caller, Obama doesn’t want to attend the unveiling as long as Trump is in the White House, even if he’s there until 2025.

NBC’s sources said that Obama will forgo the ceremony as long as Trump is in office and is willing to potentially wait until 2025 to have his and former First Lady Michelle Obama’s portraits revealed in the East Room. The Obamas began the customary consultation process for the portraits, different from those revealed in 2018 at the National Portrait Gallery, shortly after leaving office in 2017.

This will be the first time since Ronald Reagan’s first term in office that the current president did not host his predecessor — at the time Jimmy Carter — for such an unveiling ceremony.

That takes some nerve given that if anyone should be aggrieved between the two of them, it’s Trump who the Obama Administration did its best to try to undermine and who helped propagate the false Russia collusion hoax against the president. Given the information that has come out, Obama may feel nervous that the light is being shone on the things that were done. Pretty fair to say that’s another norm broken, the peaceful transition of power in an unprecedented effort to to undermine an opponent.


Kehinde Wiley made this picture of Obama for the National Portrait Gallery back in 2018.

“There’s a fight going on between he in the foreground and the plants that are trying to announce themselves underneath his feet,” Wiley explained the painting. “Who gets to be the star of the show? The story or the man who inhabits that story?”

Think it’s fair to say that the scandals of the man will tell the story in later unvarnished history.


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