Undercover Huber Busts Judge Sullivan for 'Stall Tactics Waiting for a Biden DOJ'

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FILE – In this Dec. 1, 2017, file photo, former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn leaves federal court in Washington. A year into his investigation, special counsel Robert Mueller is everywhere and nowhere at the same time. In that time, the breadth and stealth of his investigation has rattled the White House and its chief occupant, and has spread to Capitol Hill, K Street, foreign governments and, as late as last week, corporate boardrooms. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

I postulated in a prior story that we might be seeing all these unusual moves by the judge in the Flynn case for two reasons.

First, this will result in briefs castigating Attorney General Bill Barr’s decision to dismiss the charges and trash President Donald Trump. All as we head into the heart of the general election.

The second reason is delay, to deprive the Trump team of a “win” and deflect focus from highlighting the wrongs of the Obama administration. Perhaps even someone thinking if they delayed long enough that they might flip the DOJ if Joe Biden were to be able to win, and then try to reinstate the charges.

Now, Undercover Huber is pointing out more information that may support both those points, particularly the one about delay.

Wait, what? So he doesn’t even want to submit the brief yet he was asked for, he wants to submit a brief asking about rules and questions, including “any additional factual development I may need before finalizing my argument in opposition” to the DOJ Motion to Dismiss.


Factual development? Is he kidding? He’s not the fact finder in the case, he has absolutely no position to ask for any further “factual development” (whatever he means by that). But it’s a move that clearly will result in more delay. Plus what does he intend to do? Does he think he would have the right to call witnesses? This is complete madness, with Judge Sullivan making the case into a Star Chamber to do what he can to hook Flynn.

Great point. One also have to wonder if this is to taunt Trump into pardoning Flynn and having done with it, then Democrats trying to use that to attack/impeach him again. Yes, he has the absolute power to pardon but that likely wouldn’t stop them, they don’t exactly play by the law or the rules. Again the point is to serve the attack, not whether it’s successful. It’s whether or not they can deflect away more votes.


What’s crazy on top of all this that the Judge isn’t even disturbed in the slightest by the FBI notes indicating that they were trying to set a perjury trap for Flynn or that they disappeared the original 302 that would reveal what was actually said. One might think that’s rather critical evidence, necessary to have any case.

It’s devolved into a complete and utter train wreck of a case, as attorney Ron Coleman helpfully explains.

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