CNN's Anderson Cooper Throws a Childish Tantrum at Donald Trump, Jr, Whose Response Is Priceless

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This combination photo shows Donald Trump Jr., the son of President Donald Trump at the annual White House Easter Egg Roll at the White House in Washington on April 2, 2018, left, and CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper at the Turner Networks 2018 Upfront in New York on May 16, 2018. Trump Jr.’s attack tweet this week showing CNN’s Anderson Cooper waist-deep in flood waters has driven home the point that politics _ not just weather _ was an important subtext of the media’s coverage of Hurricane Florence. (AP Photo)

CNN always seems to be setting new bars for how low they can go journalistically.

But a recent ad for a coronavirus town hall, they really baffled people, even knowing it was CNN. If you haven’t seen it already, take a look. They had three people who at least had some tangential relation to medical health and…Greta Thunberg.

My colleague Sister Toldjah covered how CNN’s Oliver D’Arcy had a meltdown after Ben Shapiro questioned why Thunberg was there.

Here’s some of the pearls of wisdom Thunberg shared, we must “follow the scientists” and hopefully, we will do that more and more, she said.

But CNN wasn’t done with the meltdowns yet.

Check this out, wow, this is truly a little whine from Anderson Cooper, trying to mock “Donnie Trump, Jr” for having the temerity to question why they would have Greta Thunberg on to talk about the coronavirus. Obviously triggered. This, guy who pretends to be an objective journalist is barely able to control his anger that anyone would dare question CNN for having Thunberg on.


Then he tried to clean it up by showing a raft of other ads which only reinforced the crazy. Al Gore? Spike Lee? No offense, but why not just say this is an avenue to just put on folks on the left? What do they have to do with the virus any more than anyone else?

They claimed that Thunberg was not on as an expert, but of course the reason she is on is that she supports other points they like.

He talks about phony outrage while he’s throwing a childish outrage episode in front of us all. And other people are not pretending to be objective journalists, he is. Then he slips in a shot at “dear leader.” If Trump were in fact “dear leader,” CNN and the media chorus would never be able to take shots at him. The fact they do shows how empty, silly and biased the claim is.


But “Donnie Trump, Jr” or “DJTJ” had the perfect response to Cooper’s tantrum that people dare question CNN and not take them seriously.

Gotta love it.

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