Breaking: Fed Judge Orders Paul Manafort Released From Prison to Home Confinement Because of Pandemic

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FILE – In this May 23, 2018, file photo, Paul Manafort, President Donald Trump’s former campaign chairman, leaves Federal District Court after a hearing in Washington. The New Britain, Conn., city council is expected to take up a proposal Wednesday evening, Sept. 26 to change the name of a street that honors his father, the city’s former three-term Mayor Paul Manafort Sr. Eight members of the Manafort family have signed a letter urging the council to keep the name honoring the patriarch. (AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana, File)

Paul Manafort, the former Trump campaign manager who had been given a seven and a half year prison sentence has just been ordered released from prison by a federal judge because of fears about the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic.

Manafort, 71, has not been in the best of health and had been serving his sentence since March of last year at LCI Loretto, a minimum security prison in Pennsylvania.

His lawyers had argued he should be released because of his health.

From CBS:

Manafort’s lawyers pointed out that he is 71 years old and suffers from a number of maladies, including “high blood pressure, liver disease, and respiratory ailments.” In the letter, first obtained by CBS News, the lawyers noted that he was hospitalized for several days in December for a heart condition, and in February, that he became ill with influenza and bronchitis.

They added that Manafort “currently takes 11 prescription medications daily to treat his various health conditions, 8 of which are relevant to the requested relief.” His lawyers said that the medications, along with his health history, “make plain that Mr. Manafort is at a significantly higher risk for serious illness or death.”


The attorneys argued that put Manafort at significantly higher risk from the virus.

According to ABC, the Bureau of Prisons says more than 2,800 federal inmates have tested positive for coronavirus and so far 50 have died, although the prison Manafort was in, LCI Loretto, has not yet reported any cases of coronavirus, but his attorneys argued that there are new people coming in all the time so that may change. According to NBC’s Mike Kosnar, 2,471 inmates have been released to home confinement due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Manafort was fired from the Trump campaign after stories were leaked about his work in Ukraine in another effort to undermine the Trump campaign. Manafort only served in his position for a brief three month period but that made him a target for the Special Counsel and an effort to tag the Trump team with something. The Special Counsel didn’t find any collusion but Manafort was convicted over bank and tax fraud issues that had nothing to do with the Trump campaign and had to do with things he had done prior to his time with the Trump campaign.



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