'Undercover Huber' Rips Former Obama US Attorney (Now NBC Analyst) When She Defends FBI on Flynn

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FILE – In this July 10, 2018, file photo, former President Donald Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn, right, arrives at federal courthouse in Washington, for status hearing. Prosecutors with the special counsel’s office say Flynn is not yet ready to be sentenced. The joint filing with defense lawyers Tuesday, Aug. 21, is a sign that Flynn’s cooperation with investigators is continuing.(AP Photo/Manuel Balce Ceneta, File)

Barbara McQuade, who served as U.S. Attorney for the Eastern District of Michigan under Barack Obama, is a law professor and, of course, NBC/MSNBC analyst (funny how they all became ‘analysts’ for liberal media, right?) did her best to argue against the importance of the new evidence regarding Gen. Michael Flynn that led to the dismissal of the charges against him.

We point this out because she repeats common positions on this on the left, plus she’s just utterly wrong, as Undercover Huber points out. She’s also rebutted by the interview that Attorney General Bill Barr gave, explaining the reason for the dismissal.


So many things wrong right there.

First, while IG Michael Horowitz found that there was predicate to begin an investigation, that doesn’t mean he didn’t find there wasn’t political bias along the way, he did. As U.S. Attorney John Durham said, he has access to more information about the matter than did IG Michael Horowitz and he disagreed with the conclusion that there was proper predicate. Nor does finding that there may have been predicate to start justify everything that followed or the action against Flynn. As Bill Barr explained in his CBS interview, there was no legitimate investigative purpose to go after Flynn.

Second, it’s completely false that Flynn “told Russia to ignore US sanctions,” presumably meaning he argued against American interests/the Obama administration. As Barr also explained, the argument that Flynn somehow said something improper on sanctions is fundamentally wrong, there was nothing wrong in the phone call, as Barr observed. It was perfectly normal for Flynn, as the new national security adviser, would talk with the Russian Ambassador.

Here’s how Barr described it:

And that call, there was nothing wrong with it whatever. In fact, it was laudable. He– and it was nothing inconsistent with the Obama administration’s policies. And it was in U.S. interests. He was saying to the Russians, you know, “Don’t escalate.” And they asked him if he remembered saying that, and he said he didn’t remember that.


How awful, telling the Russian not to escalate the situation! What a crime!

Plus Trump dropped bombs on Russian in Syria, pulled out of the Iran Deal (Russia’s surrogate in the Middle East), gave lethal weapons to Ukraine and tons of other moves that blow up the whole Russian asset theory that has now been definitively debunked.


But this is Obama DOJ plus MSNBC, double hit of wrong.

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