Mark Levin Levels Obama Over What New Documents Say About His Role in Flynn Case

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Former U.S. President Barack Obama smiles as he attends the “values-based leadership” during a plenary session of the Gathering of Rising Leaders in the Asia Pacific, organized by the Obama Foundation in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Friday, Dec. 13, 2019. (AP Photo/Vincent Thian)

As I reported on Thursday, the Department of Justice released documents revealing that former President Barack Obama was involved in the case against Gen. Michael Flynn that the DOJ now found was improper and without legitimate basis.

It was Obama who somehow had been informed of a tapped phone conversation that Flynn had with the Russian ambassador. The conversation was a normal conversation, given that Flynn was the incoming National Security Adviser and Flynn didn’t say anything improper in the call, as both the FBI and Attorney General Bill Barr confirmed.

But despite that, in a meeting on Jan. 5, Obama told then-Deputy Attorney General Sally Yates about the Flynn call. They had a conversation about it which included former Director James Comey, Obama asking if Flynn should be treated differently moving forward. According to National Security Adviser Susan Rice, she was there, as was Joe Biden.


Prior to this, according to Barr, the FBI was shutting down Crossfire Razor (the investigation into Flynn), “They started that process. And on January 4th, they were closing it.”

But then, after the Jan. 5 meeting, suddenly the phone call was being used to try to hook Flynn up into a “perjury trap.” As Barr said, they knew what had been said in the phone call and there was nothing wrong in the call. So the only purpose was to try to get Flynn.

Conservative radio host Mark Levin blasted all this on Sean Hannity’s show on Thursday, hitting Obama in a very distinctive way — he called it “Barack Obama’s blue dress,” a reference to the evidence against Bill Clinton of a sexual relationship with Monica Lewinsky.

“This is Barack Obama’s blue dress,” Levin said holding up the documents. He said that we were supposed to believe that the CIA, FBI, and the DOJ all went rogue, that there were all these leaks to the papers but Obama didn’t know anything?

From Townhall:

Poor Barack Obama, poor Joe Biden. The fact of the matter is, they’ve never been asked. They’ve never been asked about any role they’ve had.”

“This is a massive coverup of the greatest scandal in American history. We expect and we don’t like it when the Russians interfere with our elections, or the Chinese or the Iranians or the North Koreans, they’re the enemy and they ought to pay for it. But we don’t expect the Obama administration and the Democrats to interfere with elections, to send spies into the opposition party’s campaign. To lie to a federal court, to fix evidence…that’s why all along I’ve been calling this a silent coup,” he continued. “This tells us that Obama knew…the fact of the matter is Barack Obama knew all about this.”


Here’s Levin and he lets it go full out:

There needs to be a reckoning and those questions need to be asked.


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