Boom: Megyn Kelly Interviews Tara Reade, She Levels Joe Biden, Calls on Him to Drop Out

(Nathan Congleton/NBC via AP)
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This Oct. 22, 2018 photo released by NBC shows Megyn Kelly on the set of her show “Megyn Kelly Today,” in New York. NBC announced on Friday, Oct. 26, that “Megyn Kelly Today” will not return. (Nathan Congleton/NBC via AP)

Democrats are trying desperately to dismiss the sexual assault allegations against Joe Biden by former staffer Tara Reade.

In the process, they’ve thrown all their #MeToo credibility and any prior positions they may have held under the bus and run over it several times.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said as far as she was concerned, Joe Biden denying the charges was enough for her, she considered the case “closed” and wasn’t going to answer any more questions on the subject.

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) who previously supported Bernie Sanders but who has said she would vote for Biden, tried to claim that Reade hadn’t called for and ‘never explicitly said ‘don’t support Joe Biden’ after her ‘not clear cut’ allegations

But sorry, Nancy, you can’t dismiss it that easily and AOC, now you can’t use that excuse, because Tara Reade is straight-up telling you, “Don’t support Joe Biden.”

Megyn Kelly has scored an interview with Reade, while other media has seemed to avoid interviewing her and she’s teasing parts of that interview.


Pay attention, AOC. She’s calling for him to drop out and she’s saying she hasn’t been treated with respect at all by Democrats in response. She talks about the threats that she’s received as a result.

“I want to say, you and I were there, Joe Biden. Please step forward and be held accountable. You should not be running on character for the president of the United States.” She called on him to withdraw but said she didn’t think he would and that it was a “little late” for an apology.

She also said she would absolutely make her accusations under oath.

Reade said she would take a polygraph “if Joe Biden takes one” but “I’m not a criminal.”

Boom. Your move, DNC.

Thinking this isn’t going to be so easy for Democrats to dismiss with the usual deflections.


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