Watch: Mike Rowe Tells AOC, Cuomo There's ‘No Such Thing As Non-Essential Worker,’ Warns About Effects Of Shutdown

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Mike Rowe

Former “Dirty Jobs” host Mike Rowe is a plain spoken guy who doesn’t have a lot of time for nonsense.

He’s focused so much of his life on the value of work and its importance to our society.


So it perhaps isn’t surprising that he has a few things to say about some of the crazy things that some Democratic politicians and others have had to say about work and the economy during this pandemic.

Glenn Beck had Rowe on his radio show and he introduced him with a description of how he got into a bit of trouble with some on the left when he said words to the effect that he was concerned about the medicine we’re talking about prescribing “might turn out to be more deadly than the virus we are trying to kill.” Row decried the “unintended consequences of ranking safety above everything else.” He was told that he was “irresponsible,” and that his remarks “fit with the Fox News pattern” of pushing “medical misinformation.”

Rowe laughed at that all and then did a little dig at Democrats House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, saying he was sitting in his home “eating vast quantities of ice cream” and talking about “reveling in the delights of economic intercourse.”


But he had a greater point he wanted to make in the context of this all.

While the left has been warning about downplaying the virus, they have been downplaying everything else but the virus, including the importance of work and the essential nature of everyone in that equation to hold everything up.

Rowe called out folks like Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) and Gov. Andrew Cuomo for their comments about workers. AOC said workers should refuse to go back to work. Cuomo denigrated those who wanted to be able to go back to work and feed their families, saying they should become “essential workers” and that that desire to want to be able to not starve was threatening people’s lives.

Rowe spoke about the “other” victims here, saying there is “no such thing as a nonessential worker.”

“Most of the country is going to come through this with the realization we’re being treated like children … by people who want us to look at them as parents,” Rowe said during an interview with Glenn Beck on the Blaze.

“In an economy like this, when you take 26 million ‘nonessential’ workers out of the equation … the whole thing collapses under its own weight,” he said. “I would suggest to you right now that there is no such thing as a nonessential worker when it comes to the economy,” Rowe added in response to certain workers being deemed “nonessential” during the virus crisis and not allowed to work.



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