NYT Reporter Calls Americans Who Want to Open Economy 'Dumbest People'

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There’s a basic false binary choice that some on the left have been laying out there.

Perhaps no one put it out there more bluntly, and more falsely, than New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

When asked about people who wanted to be able to go back to work in order to be able to feed their families and keep a roof over their heads, Cuomo mocked them, saying then they should become “essential workers,” that the choice was between staying in and death.

That is just out-and-out wrong, not to mention not at all scientific.

First, given that most virus cases are mild, even if you get it, no, it’s not logical or scientific to say the choice is “death.”

But secondly, and perhaps most importantly, there are ways of proceeding with caution, with attention to proper protection while letting people go back to work, letting those who are more at risk stay in, without quarantining the healthy. This is how states already are proceeding and starting to open.

The purpose of the lockdowns or stay-at-home orders originally was to prevent overwhelming of the system, it was never to require everyone to stay indoors until it could be guaranteed that not one person would get sick.

But it’s allowed some on the left who have no fear for their jobs to preen and act as though the folks concerned about the economy and our constitutional rights are somehow “bad” while they are “good” preventing the world from “dying.”


Example: Taylor Lorenz, who works for the New York Times, writing about technology, memes, influencers, and online culture.

Here’s Lorenz’s tweet which was later deleted.

This from a person who likely isn’t going to lose employment writing about memes. But it buys completely into the false dichotomy fear that just wrong, “millions will die” as a club to keep everyone in. Thinking that is pretty “dumb.”

Not to mention trying to shame workers who the left usually likes to pretend they care about. Talk about elitist.


It’s not exactly that binary as I previously pointed out. But Pool makes the great point that they’re missing the consequences of how many will die as a result of these choices; that they are “downplaying” that.

Meanwhile, it’s pretty clear that no, “millions” will not die if we start opening up responsibly now. But how many will lose their jobs, their homes, their lives if things remain locked down? If needed actions such as biopsies and surgeries continue to be postponed?

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