Lisa Bloom Says She Believes Tara Reade, but Gets Blasted by the Backlash for What She Would Do About Biden

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Attorney Lisa Bloom speaks to the media during a break in Bill Cosby’s sexual assault trial, Wednesday, April 11, 2018, at the Montgomery County Courthouse in Norristown, Pa. (AP Photo/Matt Slocum)

It’s something to watch Democrats scrambling to explain their double standards when it comes to the sexual assault allegations by former staffer Tara Reade against Joe Biden.

The very same people who vilified Brett Kavanaugh on no evidence want to give Joe Biden a pass with an accuser who has far more evidence. Kavanaugh never had a blemish against him, Ford never had contemporaneous witnesses saying that she told them, she couldn’t even say where it happened, her story kept changing and the alleged “witnesses” she said were at the party said they don’t remember there ever being such a party. Yet Democrats pushed the fiction because it politically served them.

Now, the opposite is true. Regardless of the fact that Joe Biden has a pattern of inappropriate behavior and Reade has 5 witnesses to whom she conveyed all or part of her story, Democrats are willing to dismiss her because it serves them politically.

But there are some who even go a step further.

Here’s the horrific take of Lisa Bloom, Gloria Allred’s daughter and the woman who claims she fights for victims of harassment and abuse (but who also represented Kathy Griffin and Harvey Weinstein).


What the heck?

She made it worse with this:

Funny how those cases disappeared, isn’t it?

Then she even tried to use Reade against herself.

No, Reade, while a Democrat, did not indicate that she would vote for Biden in any way.

But translation: Bloom wants a Democrat to win, even if she thinks he’s a rapist. It’s hard to get worse than that. But she’s the one who represented the execrable Weinstein so we already know where she’s willing to go.

The backlash for her position was overwhelming.



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