Governor Who Got Blasted by Left for Refusing to Issue Stay At Home Order Now Vindicated and Celebrated

Harry Hamburg
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FILE – In this Nov. 18, 2010 file photo, then-Rep.-elect Kristi Noem, R-S.D. speaks during a Republican news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington. The Republican agenda for the 112th Congress that convenes Wednesday may have a greater impact on the 2012 elections than the lives of Americans in the next two years. Republicans need to make sure they bring forward solutions, even though it may be difficult to get them accomplished, Noem said in an interview. The lesson from the November election is that The American people will replace people if they’re no longer in touch or listening, she said. (AP Photo/Harry Hamburg, File)

If you applied to the same medical treatment to every patient, doctors would think you insane.

They would never do it because obviously every patient is different, with different needs and problems. Some will be weaker and get sicker because of their underlying issues, even with the same virus.

So why would you apply the same treatment to every state who is not suffering the virus in the same way or to the same extent?

South Dakota is not New York, doesn’t have the population density or a lot of the issues that would help with the spread, like complete reliance on public transportation. South Dakota has a lot of spread-out population across the state in most places.

Why would you destroy the economy of a state with almost no deaths? Why would you assume that adults could not act like adults to adequately protect themselves?

You have to hand it to Governor Kristi Noem. She knew her own state and she resisted the temptation to be pressured into doing what she knew was the wrong treatment for the virus in South Dakota despite withering leftist attack.

She instituted some basic restrictions but did not order businesses to close.

From Newsweek:

Instead of shuttering businesses statewide, Noem ordered nonessential businesses to allow employees to work from home, placed a limit on social gatherings, required restaurants to offer take-out options only, and instructed people over the age of 60 and other vulnerable groups to take extreme precautions throughout the epidemic.


Check out how they blasted her, even claiming that it has “one of the largest coronavirus hotspots.”

Almost as though they wanted people to get sick to prove their point.

Now of course this was complete and utter balderdash. Or perhaps we should say malarkey?

South Dakota wasn’t one of the largest coronavirus hotspots at that point or ever. It had 868 cases, mostly concentrated in one county and at the Smithfield plant. That made it one of the places with the fewest cases in the whole country. Certainly not a “hot spot” when compared to other cases like New York with over 300,000 cases.


So Jordan Schachtel asked the WaPo fact checker if he had updated and was going to tell us when the big surge was going to happen?

The answer it’s still one of the states with the fewest cases and the fewest deaths. It now has only 21 deaths, according to Worldometers, only five states are better than that, places like Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, North Dakota and Alaska.

What is sweet is that the folks in South Dakota so appreciated what had to be an incredibly tough decision on Noem’s part, they wanted to let her know it.

They threw her a parade, organized by John Morris of Morris Inc. construction company, but joined by “literally hundreds of cars,” according to Newsweek, including fire trucks and other vehicles honking their horns and sirens. Initially, Noem was surprised at the honking not knowing what it was all about. But then when she was told and she saw all the cars, she began to tear up, she was so touched.


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