Biden-Supporting Dem Rep Makes Vile Comment About Why He Doesn't Believe Tara Reade, Even Dems Call for His Resignation

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Democratic presidential candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at Tougaloo College in Tougaloo, Miss., Sunday, March 8, 2020. (AP Photo/Rogelio V. Solis)

As I predicted on Thursday night, Joe Biden would deny the sexual assault allegations by his former staffer Tara Reade. Then Democrats and media would argue that he was being transparent, he’d answered questions and it was now time to move on.

That’s already happening. They even have a hashtag going, #IBelieveBiden, the Democratic answer to everything, a hashtag. But to be honest, it wasn’t much of a prediction, given that this has been their pattern with any allegation against a Democrat.

It also didn’t take much of a prediction that their “believe all women” position would fall in the face of these accusations and that some would attack Reade, as indeed they are with some accusing her of being a “Putin agent” (haven’t we stopped the nonsense conspiracy yet?).

But I have to admit that I’m not sure anyone would have predicted the take of New Hampshire Democratic state representative Richard Komi. It’s truly vile.

Komi claimed that the “position of the vagina” wouldn’t allow the sexual assault that Tara Reade described, unless “their is some cooperation from the female herself.” Yikes.


How can a rational adult make a comment like that? Or am I assuming the adjective there? This person has a responsible position in state government?

Apparently, he got immediate blowback and deleted it, but too late, it was already grabbed.

He also tweeted and deleted that he was a supporter of the MeToo movement (what does that mean after all this?) but he did not believe Tara Reade’s allegations. “They are politically motivated. They just want to cast doubt over Biden’s candidacy.”

People in the state of New Hampshire are already reacting and calling for Komi’s resignation for his comments.

New Hampshire House Speaker Stephen Shurtleff, who is a Democrat, has called for him to resign saying his comment was “appalling.”

“I am appalled by Representative Komi’s comments. They were dismissive and hurtful to survivors of sexual assault across the Granite State and across the country. The comments are not fitting for the New Hampshire House of Representatives and immediately upon learning of them, I called him and asked Representative Komi to resign his seat.”


He was joined by another Democratic Representative, Timothy Horrigan.

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