CNN Blows It Again, Reliable Sources Tell Us Michigan is Not the Same As Minnesota

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Brian Stelter

There’s no doubt that CNN is often full of themselves.

They forget that their actual job is supposed to be objectively reporting the news. A job that they seem to have long since abandoned for the political activism and preaching at us about how important their opinions are.


So you get ridiculous non-news tweets like this from Jake Tapper.

How much obnoxious and how much wrong in the one little tweet. An obvious slap at President Donald Trump. But it really hits Jake’s lack of understanding about hydroxychloroquine and chloroquine, anti-malarial drugs which are have been approved by the FDA tested and used safely for decades. They’ve also been authorized by the FDA for the virus for emergency use. Doctors across the country have been prescribing them as an off-label use for the virus. But sure, Tapper knows more with his vast lack of medical knowledge and raging TDS.

So when CNN does something completely ridiculous, we can’t help put puncture their pomposity.

Check where CNN placed Minnesota when talking about some businesses opening in various of the country.


So not only were they off in terms of geography, they were giving draconian Governor Karen Whitmer more credit than she was due for opening things she had not.

Psst, CNN? Reliable sources tell us that Michigan is not the same as Minnesota.

But to be fair, this isn’t the first time that CNN has had a geography problem.

Maybe Jake wants to clean up his own house first and school them in a little basic geography? Maybe then they can move on to some science.

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