Here's that Hong Kong Protester Whose Iconic Message to Donald Trump Resonates Even More Now

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Protesters hold a placard featuring U.S. President Donald Trump and U.S. flags as they take part in a march at Victoria Park in Hong Kong, Sunday, July 21, 2019. Thousands of Hong Kong protesters marched from a public park to call for an independent investigation into police tactics. (AP Photo/Vincent Yu)

During the Hong Kong protests, Rebel News Avi Yemeni interviewed protesters and managed to catch an iconic moment in this video that has now been seen by millions around the world, although the whole video is worth watching again for the point the protesters are making about not trusting China.

Did you catch it?

Here it is.

Yes, that message now resonates more than ever as we are personally suffering from “China being asshoe,” we understand even more the message the folks in Hong Kong were trying to convey – don’t trust China and don’t be sucked in by Chinese business connections.

This man behind the message has become a hero and a symbol to many. Donald Trump, Jr, even cited the clip on March 13, calling it “the most important video on the internet,” blasting Chinese efforts to blame America for the virus, noting how important it was to have our own supply chains that were independent of China and asking why media was running with China’s propaganda talking points.

Many have wondered about the safety of this guy, if the very popularity of his message may have endangered him with the Chinese government.

Yemini was able to find him and interview him again. Good to hear that he’s okay, although still in danger, but he’s just as feisty as ever and still telling people to “not trust China, China is asshoe.”


He’s still fighting for Hong Kong independence although from home now, because of the coronavirus. He says now, with the Wuhan coronavirus, he believe people will understand now more than ever the dangers that Hong Kong people have been talking about from China. They also discussed how China is using the virus as an opportunity to crack down on pro-democracy advocates, arresting some 14 leaders in the pro-democracy movement.

His message is an important one as we see even now media seemingly parroting CCP propaganda talking points. We need not only to divest from the supply chains but need to call out the media who do this.

Here’s the full interview (warning for some brief bad language):


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