The Hypocrisy of the Left and Media Attacking Fox and Protesters

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Chris Cuomo Details His Coronavirus Symptoms

Does it seem more than a bit strange that Democrats and media have made a virus completely political?

Did we hear this reaction to the swine flu under Barack Obama when 60 million people got it, Obama didn’t cut travel with Mexico and there were an estimated 12,469 deaths? Of course not. By the way, that’s not a hard number, because the CDC stopped counting once they determined it was a pandemic. Yes, that’s what I said. With the Wuhan coronavirus, they’re counting every case and maybe somethings that aren’t cases. But with the swine flu, they just estimated the cases past a certain point, that number isn’t a firm number based on actual deaths counted, but the mid-range of an estimate, the greater end of the range was over 18,000.

But now, we see media and Democrats both attacking not only President Donald Trump, but Fox, Fox viewers, as well as Americans protesting restrictions.

Liberal media/Democrats have been all in on blaming Fox for “downplaying the virus.” Yet, there’s no evidence that Fox downplayed it any more than anyone else and we can point to countless media stories from a variety of outlets that were basically equating it with the flu or saying things like the real danger was the “racist” response people might have if China was blamed for what they actually did.

For example, Media Matters lied and claimed that Greg Gutfeld had downplayed the virus, when in fact, he was one of the first people, on Jan. 28 to suggest it was something to be taken seriously.

But perhaps the worst example of the attack on Fox was the recent New York Times article blaming Fox and Sean Hannity for the virus death of a New York man who liked to watch Fox. The story cited an alleged remark from Hannity using the term “hoax” in “early March” and suggested it was because Fox wasn’t taking it seriously that the man went on a cruise to Spain on March 1, later came back and died. But the alleged remark from Hannity came eight days after the man had already left on the cruise and of course wasn’t calling the virus a “hoax” but Democrats’ false stories about the president’s response a hoax. Not to mention that the man came back to New York from the cruise, with New York now the epicenter of the virus impact and went back to work at his bar. It’s not at all clear he got it from the cruise.

Then came the kicker, that the writer of the story had herself tweeted this, before the man left on the cruise.

And that’s sort of the point I wanted to make, that we’re seeing a lot of posturing and virtue signaling from folks on the left, folks literally trying to blame Fox, Fox viewers or people protesting the restrictions of spreading the virus, stoking anger against folks on the right.

Not only are Fox viewers and the protesters ignorant and manipulated, but they’re evil and they’re going to kill everyone by spreading the virus.

But those folks deriding protesters like Nancy Pelosi, April Ryan and Patton Oswalt aren’t at risk of losing their jobs, their homes or having trouble feeding themselves or their families.

But just a small point, if that were true, wouldn’t there be a lot more cases in red states or places where you would think that there was more Fox viewership? Why is the most significant impact in New York, and specifically New York City?

One can point to a lot of things that could potentially impact it. From the density of people to the fact, to the schools not being shut down until the middle of March, to the fact that most in the city use public transportation including the buses and the packed subways. Not to mention all the bad advice and lack of action from Mayor Bill de Blasio.

Here’s a sample of the subway on March 25, after the social distancing guidelines went into affect.

Because some services were cut, the trains were even more packed than normal. People are still riding the subway and they weren’t even required to wear masks until last week. NYC also has the longest mean travel time for commuters at 39 minutes.

Here’s a picture from an April 6 article in People which noted that many people were still going out and violating the social distancing guidelines, no masks in sight.

You can see more in the article here.

But apart from the People article, there’s been very little attention paid to that kind of thing or the subway/public transportation issue in New York, while media has been quick to attack people going to the beach in Floria or protests.

My point is not to blame the folks who have to go to work or get out, but to point out the hypocrisy of the coverage.

Perhaps nowhere is that better pointed out than looking at the behavior of the scolds and hypocrites at CNN.

As we reported, CNN’s April Ryan asked if protesters should be required to sign something saying they would forego treatment if they got ill from not social distancing.

But where is her critique of her own colleague, Chris Cuomo, who was nailed breaking quarantine on Easter Sunday, despite both he and his wife allegedly having the virus? A bicyclist said he saw them in East Hampton, visiting a property being constructed that they own, with their kids and another woman. They live now in Southhampton. Cuomo acknowledged he’d encountered the bicyclist while out.

But then CNN covered his “emergence” from quarantine on Tuesday, with him saying “this is what I’ve been dreaming of,” as though he hadn’t been out already on the prior Sunday. As Tucker Carlson pointed out, this was all fake posturing.

Once upon a time, during national emergencies, people pulled together. I’d like to think mostly across the country they have been. But it’s folks on the left and media who even now can’t give up pushing the agenda, making even a virus political.


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