Biden Goofs, Holds up Signs During Broadcast, Let the Photoshop Fun Commence!

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Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks at a campaign event in Columbus, Ohio, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Paul Vernon)


One of the first rules of the Internet for a politician to learn is: never post a picture of yourself holding a sign.

Perhaps you remember Michelle Obama breaking this basic rule?

That was when feelings, signs, and hashtags replaced action or real solutions. But her feelings were in the right place and she looked sad, that’s what counted. I’m sure the radical Islamic terrorists were greatly moved by the impotent sign. Odd how it didn’t succeed in freeing the kidnapped girls and the hashtag team moved on to the next cause.

But apparently Joe Biden didn’t learn Michelle Obama’s embarrassing lesson and on Wednesday he violated that cardinal rule. While he’s still struggling desperately to find any relevance for his campaign, he at least is providing some laughs.


That gave wings to Twitter user Comfortably Smug, his many followers, and others to contribute with fun things about Biden and highlight a lot of the gaffes and reasons not to vote for Biden.

If you need a little laugh today, here are a few of the funnier or more savage ones.

This one was a great one showing his first run for president in 1988, which he had to drop out of because of the lies and plagiarism, but also notes that he appears to have had added more hair later in life too.


This follows a week in which Biden has already had his healthy share of gaffes and issues including confusing Memorial Day and Labor Day, calling an N95 mask an “N96 mask” and calling the Wuhan coronavirus “COVID-9” rather than COVID-19.

At what point are the Biden people going to figure that it’s probably better not to keep putting him out there to pretend he’s doing something and appearing active, that it’s probably better to squirrel him away? They haven’t seemed to figure that out yet.

But it’s going to be something if, in fact, there ever is a debate between Biden and President Donald Trump. Then, holding up signs and being mocked is going to look good by comparison to how much he’s going to get ripped apart.

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