Pelosi Says She Can't Understand Why Americans Are Protesting, Dan Bongino Blasts Her, 'Get Out of Your Bubble!'

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif. speaks outside her office on Capitol Hill, Monday, March 23, 2020. (AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, Pool)

We’ve been writing a lot about how House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has been completely out of touch in understanding how many Americans she’s been hurting with her gamesmanship in blocking the refunding of the Paycheck Protection Program which is meant to save small businesses from going under and millions of Americans from losing their jobs.


She showed that tone-deafness again during an interview with Chris Wallace on Fox News when he asked her if she understood why people might be protesting against some of the restrictions imposed by some of the governors. My colleague Sister Toldjah reported how Jonathan Turley out some of the contradictions in her claims on Fox.

But I wanted to call out this part of the interview.

“People are taking to the streets, pushing back against some of the more stringent restrictions in some states,” Wallace said during the interview, which is set to air Sunday on Fox News Channel. “Can you understand why they’re doing that?”

Pelosi responded: “No, not, not really because what we have to do is, is, is shelter in place. That is really the answer.”

“Testing. Tracing. Treatment. Shelter in place. And I do think that it’s unfortunate,” Pelosi told Wallace. “But, you know, people will do what they do. But the fact is, we’re all impatient. We all want out. But what they’re doing is really unfortunate.”

She really doesn’t understand that millions of people have been thrown out of work and can’t feed their families? Around 22 million people filed for unemployment in the past month, thanks to the government restrictions.


How are they going to “shelter in place” when they may lose that shelter because they can no longer work? In some cases, because Pelosi is personally denying them the money to help themselves.

Dan Bongino blasted her lack of understanding on Fox. He acknowledged that he saw both sides of the issue, as do most Americans.

From Fox News:

“I have a family and I have two children myself,” he said. “I have a mother-in-law and two parents that are still alive that obviously I care deeply about.”

“My mother herself is in an extremely high-risk category,” he continued. “If she were to contract this, it could be deadly. But, I have to feed my kids, too. So does everybody around me.” [….]

Then he took aim at Pelosi, referencing her appearance on the Late Late Show when she flaunted her incredibly expensive double refrigerators and her freezer packed full of designer ice cream.

“Let me enlighten you, Nancy, because you seem to be living in an insulated $25,000 freezer ice cream bubble and you don’t get it,” Bongino said. “Here it is plain and simple: People have to feed their families. These are smart Americans who are intelligent. They understand there’s a risk. They live with risk every day.”

“If you need to understand that, Nancy, go talk to a construction worker on a construction site down the block that is living with multimillion-dollar equipment that could kill him in a minute,” he continued. “If you tell him or her on that site, ‘You’re going to need to wear a mask. There are precautions. You may have to wear some kind of hand protection, wash our hands often and we may have to distance, but you will be able to go to work and feed your kids.’ I promise you the entrepreneurial brave American citizens will figure it the hell out.”

“Get out of your bubble. People have to feed their kids. That is what’s going on right now,” Bongino went on to say.


Bongino said it was about time that governors started treating people like adults as well, especially folks like Gretchen Whitmer in Michigan. “They work for us,” he said.

Amen. One size doesn’t fit all, there are ways to have intelligent responses to allowing people back to work without governmental overreach and hopefully, we’ll see more getting that.


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