CNN's Brian Stelter Has a Meltdown, Says He 'Cried' for Our 'Pre-Pandemic Lives'

Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

Brian Stelter attends the 11th annual CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute at the American Museum of Natural History on Sunday, Dec. 17, 2017, in New York. (Photo by Evan Agostini/Invision/AP)


It would be hard to find someone who has a more useless job than CNN’s Brian Stelter.

His job, it seems, like much of CNN, is to whine about President Donald Trump and about Fox News, and say how horrible they are, while patting himself on the back.

But he had an admission to make today. Seems the constant pushing of the negative during the pandemic has even gotten to him.

Maybe it’s just me. I think we all are feeling the complete abnormality of the situation and are worried for our friends, family, and country.


But maybe I would believe that he really was considering anybody other than himself if he and his network weren’t constantly pushing the negative and hyping the panic. There’s enough to be concerned about all on its own with the pandemic without making it worse by continually pitching division and attacks on the President and making this all about what the media thinks.

Even as he says he wants to share this with us, his newsletter is a litany of negative, without really any positive news except Netflix providing free service. There are positive things that one could put out there, from fewer people dying to the positives of medicines like hydroxychloroquine helping people (but that would require a little less TDS).

He talks about “reality.” But he’s constantly lacking perspective and pitching unreality. Even this seems more a “look at how I feel” moment because it’s about how I feel, when most real journalists strive to keep themselves out of the story — because it’s about the story, not them. If they weren’t continuously pushing an agenda, I might take them seriously.

One of the things that just seems incomprehensible is blaming the President rather than China, as well as that part the WHO played in it all. That requires a journalist, rather than an opinion activist, to write the truth.




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