Cue the Liberal Implosion: Trump Has Highest Approval of His Presidency

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Tuesday, April 7, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Looks like, despite the constant media hounding of President Donald Trump over the virus response, people are disregarding the media’s negative attitude and are giving the President the highest approval rating of his presidency on Thursday.

From The Hill:

The Fox News poll found 49 percent of registered voters approve of Trump, his highest point since becoming president. The approval rating is a slight increase from 48 percent in March and 47 percent in February.

The president’s disapproval rating dipped to 49 percent.

Eighty-nine percent of Republicans approve of Trump, 2 percentage points lower than his highest point, 91 percent, in January. He scored at or almost at his records among women, Democrats, whites and white evangelical Christians.

When specifically looking at the pandemic, 51 percent of voters backed Trump.

Astonishing that people just seem to be refusing delivery on the constant efforts by the media to attack Trump — he’s even getting approval from Democrats and independents. Imagine if media were actually honest and truthfully reporting.

According to Fox, Republican pollster Daron Shaw said, “It could be consequential that he’s closing in on 50 percent, which is critical for his reelection chances.” The economy isn’t good right now, with everything having to be put on hold but about forty-four percent believe it can come back within the next year and that’s critical to Trump winning as well. It’s hard to imagine Biden doing anything for the economy while Trump is already a known factor for delivering a great economy pre-pandemic.


Trump has gone all-in with informing the American people as to what is going on, holding briefings every day as to what is going on in the fight against the virus. That’s engendered a lot of confidence from people including some independents and even Democrats.

57 percent thought the fight against the virus was going in the right direction, while 30 percent thought it was going in the wrong direction. 56 percent approve of the federal response.

Democrats looking at this have to be troubled even with the economy presently tanked that Trump can still command such a high approval. It definitely is not spelling good news for Joe Biden.


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