Watch: Dem Rep. Whitsett Goes on Tucker's Show, Credits Trump and Hydroxychloroquine for Helping Save Her Life

Tucker Carlson, host of “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” poses for photos in a Fox News Channel studio, in New York, Thursday, March 2, 2107. (AP Photo/Richard Drew)


It’s really hard to understand the fury of some on the left and in media over hydroxychloroquine.

Yes, it’s largely about hatred of President Donald Trump — he said it, so they, axiomatically, have to be against it, even if their arguments make no sense, even if it’s saving lives, and even if their animus towards it might cost lives.

The mania makes no sense. It’s “unproven” and “we don’t have the scientific data.” Well, since it’s a new virus, you don’t have the scientific data to positively prove anything will work, although some clinical trials have already suggested that it is effective and more clinical trials are being conducted, such as in NYC where Gov. Andrew Cuomo indicated anecdotally results have been positive. So, does that mean you don’t prescribe anything to people, especially when some are dying? Of course not.

It’s a well-known drug. The FDA has approved it for other uses, it’s being prescribed by doctors across the country and around the world as an off-label use. The FDA has also approved it for emergency use for the Wuhan coronavirus. It can only be prescribed by doctors. So, basically, people who are objecting are saying they don’t want doctors to prescribe what they think is the best treatment available to them at this point because Orange Man Bad.


But most doctors, fortunately, aren’t being deterred by the idiocy. That’s a good thing for folks like Michigan state representative Karen Whitsett, a Democrat representing Detroit. As my colleague Jennifer Van Laar reported, she credits hydroxychloroquine and Trump’s touting it with saving her life. She appeared with Tucker Carlson last night and he praised her political courage for being more concerned about American lives than political differences by putting her story out there. She noted that she “had very little time” because her breathing became very labored and thanked her doctor and Trump.

Whitsett had previously told Laura Ingraham how quickly the virus worsened and how she had difficulty accessing the drug.

“It went from the headaches being severe to fluid building up in my lungs, to sweats breaking out to the cough and my breathing being labored,” Whitsett said. “It all happened in a matter of hours.” […]

“I did have a difficult time, even that day, obtaining the medication because of an order that was put down in my state,” she said on the program. “And it was on that day, so you can imagine how terrified I was that I had to beg and plead and go through a whole lot to try to get the medication.”


There was actually no order but there was a letter sent out from the state’s Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs to “licensed prescribers and dispensers” about chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine which read in part:

Prescribing hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine without further proof of efficacy for treating COVID-19 or with the intent to stockpile the drug may create a shortage for patients with lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, or other ailments for which chloroquine and hydroxychloroquine are proven treatments. Reports of this conduct will be evaluated and may be further investigated for administrative action. Prescribing any kind of prescription must also be associated with medical documentation showing proof of the medical necessity and medical condition for which the patient is being treated. Again, these are drugs that have not been proven scientifically or medically to treat COVID-19.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Whitsett credited the President.

“It has a lot to do with the president … bringing it up,” Whitsett said. “He is the only person who has the power to make it a priority.”

Asked whether she thinks Trump may have saved her life, Whitsett said: “Yes, I do,” and “I do thank him for that.”


That’s what putting people before politics is about. Thank you, Rep. Whitsett. That’s how everyone should be thinking. How this ever became a political issue is just shameful.

The President congratulated Whitsett on surviving the virus.


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