Biden Adviser's Embarrassing Tweets About Trying Trump for 'Crimes Against Humanity'... for Touting Hydroxychloroquine

President Donald Trump speaks about the coronavirus in the James Brady Press Briefing Room of the White House, Wednesday, April 1, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)


Sometimes the really crazy reactions of folks on the left can give you a laugh.

So, I have to admit to laughing a lot when I read the tweet from Ohio state Rep. Tavia Galonski. Galonski apparently wants President Donald Trump prosecuted by The Hague for crimes against humanity for….daring to talk about hydroxychloroquine.

Wait, what? Does anyone what to tell her that’s not a thing? That not only does The Hague have no authority over us, but it’s laughable to call talking about the potential of a drug for a pandemic as a “crime against humanity.”

But she’s serious.

Oh my, the very serious petition!


What’s more troubling, she’s a lawyer and used to be a magistrate.

From the Ohio Capital Journal:

Asked by the Capital Journal if she legitimately intended to pursue this action, Galonski replied: “Yes!” Just how Galonski planned to initiate this plan, the representative was not at first sure. “I honestly have no idea,” Galonski told the Capital Journal on Sunday evening. “But how hard can it be?” She said her plan was to find out on Monday the referral procedure for reporting an alleged crime against humanity to The Hague.

You might want to start by actually having a crime against humanity. But isn’t that such a Democratic response, basically ‘I was virtue signaling, why should I have to know how to actually do what I was talking about?’

I did laugh, but it’s seriously disturbing that anyone like this has any position of responsibility.

Looking at the replies of those on the left to her tweet is like diving down a hole of insanity of people who actually think this is a thing and think she’s a “hero” for bringing it up, she might be “saving the country.” They don’t seem to understand you can’t get the drug legally without a prescription, the only way you’re going to get it is if a doctor prescribes it for you, not just because Trump talked about it, noting it was up to doctors and not for everyone. So basically, Galonski and others on the left want to interfere with what your doctor thinks is best for you because they hate Trump. She doesn’t appear to know that the FDA has approved it for emergency use for the virus or that doctors have been using it here already even before that as an off-label use or that doctors around the world found it the “most effective therapy” they have so far in a global study of 6227 doctors.


But there’s a kicker behind the basic stupidity here too.

Turns out that she’s also a “senior adviser” for Joe Biden’s campaign whose job it is to lobby to “support Biden’s struggling candidacy” and be a “state liaison” of sorts, according to on February 24.

Ah, now it makes sense. And I’m sure any petition or names she gets from this endeavor wouldn’t get any solicitations from the Joe Biden campaign.


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