Boom: Greg Gutfeld Busts Media Matters Again With What They Were Saying About Fox and Virus In January

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Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld has been having a battle with the folks from Media Matters the last few days.

Some in liberal media have been trying to push the talking point that Fox the virus. It’s about their continuing aim to try to take out Fox News.


Media Matters’ deputy director of rapid response, Andrew Lawrence, accused Gutfeld himself of downplaying the virus.

Gutfeld proved that was untrue, pointing to his pinned tweet that highlighting in a broadcast on January 28th that the virus needed to be taken seriously.

Indeed, Gutfeld took it more seriously than most other media at that point.

Lawrence refused to retract his claims despite proof he was wrong. Gutfeld ended up saying he was consulting an attorney, Harmeet Dhillon.

Then the Media Matters president, Angelo Carusone, tried a swipe at Gutfeld and Fox.


Gutfeld blasted him, noting they had done 17 segments on the issue.

But guess who was calling out Fox for “fear mongering” about the virus at the same time at the end of January? You guessed it, Media Matters.

From Media Matters:

On January 27, Fox News’ Fox & Friends ran two segments promoting what the network called “a Chinese nurse … blowing the whistle on Twitter” and claimed the coronavirus infection rate is “33 times [higher than] what Chinese officials are reporting.” Co-host Brian Kilmeade, in an interview with Dr. Mehmet Oz, said that the outbreak is “happening in this secretive society where candor is secondary, and we’re seeing clues that this is so much worse.”

On “straight news” program America’s Newsroom, co-anchor Sandra Smith used the unverified video as an example of “growing concern over whether enough is being done to contain the virus.”


Rather than looking at the ample signs that China was lying, Media Matters was more concerned about Fox calling out China.

So in January they were calling concerns that it was so much worse, Fox “fear mongering” and yet now they’re claiming Fox never took it seriously? Are these folks for real?

Paging Greg Gutfeld.

Exactly. It’s always just about the goal of getting/attacking Fox.

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