Greg Gutfeld Calls Out Media Matters President for Their Real 'Goal' in Going After Him

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Greg Gutfeld

We previously reported how Media Matters deputy director of rapid response Andrew Lawrence falsely accused Fox’s Greg Gutfeld of downplaying the Wuhan coronavirus.


In fact, as Gutfeld showed with video from Jan. 28 was that he was one in media who was calling it out as a concern early.

What were those on the liberal media doing then? Calling the White House task force too male and too white and focusing on the impeachment of President Donald Trump.

Gutfeld warned Lawrence but he kept at it.

Gutfeld later tweeted he was talking with lawyer Harmeet Dhillon.

But the Media Matters president tried to dig the hole a little deeper.


Notice how Carusone didn’t bother to @ Gutfeld. Naturally, Gutfeld found out anyway.

Gutfeld pointed out that he’d done 17 segments expressing concerns about the virus. But reality apparently doesn’t matter to the folks at Media Matters.

Gotta love Gutfeld for calling it like it is, although one wonders if he’s right about the heart part when this is on what Carusone is focused.

But otherwise he’s right on the money there, for sure.

Even now you see folks on the left trying to use a pandemic as an excuse to go after Fox News and shamelessly claim they’re responsible for costing lives.


Meanwhile while folks like Gutfeld were actually sounding the alarm, you had Democrats saying it was time to go out and party, with Pelosi saying to go out to the parade in San Francisco’s Chinatown and NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio even into March saying transmission wasn’t easy and if you’re under 50, don’t worry.

With other media was writing stuff like this:

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