Haley Stevens Didn't Just Melt Down on the House Floor, She Tweeted a Vile Pic of Trump

Haley Stevens (Haley Stevens For Congress)

Rep. Haley Stevens (D-MI) made the news today, melting down in a crazy rant on the floor of the House. She claimed that she was speaking on behalf of first responders, but quite frankly it was hard to tell in the incoherent rant.


CNN’s Manu Raju, who is not at all a liberal hack, described this as surprising from a “typically mild-mannered freshman.”

But that not’s the only crazy emanating from Stevens.

One of her constituents noted a post that she deleted yesterday depicting President Donald Trump as the Grim Reaper. She acknowledged that she made the post.

Click on it to see picture below:


Just exactly how is that “funny” especially in the middle of a pandemic? No, joking about people dying and blaming the president is not funny. Not to mention then adding to Democrats pushing panic by screaming insanely about it on the House floor.

Stevens has a history of unhinged rants. In October, she flipped out at a town hall about guns. She just started screaming, “The NRA has got to go, the NRA has got to go!” She was hissed at and several people said it was she who had to go.


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