Fox's Martha MacCallum Lights Up Biden Adviser, Rips Ridiculous Objections to Term 'Chinese Virus'


Martha MacCallum

Joe Biden’s senior adviser, Symone Sanders, appeared on Fox with Martha MacCallum, claimed that President Donald Trump calling the coronavirus “COVID-19” a “Chinese virus” which she claimed was a “racial slur.”


Now that’s nonsense, and MacCallum gave it right back to her.

MacCallum called her out, asking why was it racist, citing “MERS” which is also named after the place of origin “Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome.” MacCallum said that trying to claim that “Chinese virus” was going down a “rabbit hole” lack of reality which was contra productive to the effort to try to address the virus.

MacCallum also pointed out how wrong this was, that she has just spoken with an “amazing scholar on China” who said that China has tried to obfuscate over the virus from the beginning, that they’ve “lied and lied and lied from the beginning.” “Why is it not ok to recognize where it originated?” MacCallum asked the Biden adviser.

Sanders continued to bluster about people finding it offensive but never really explained why.

“No one is suggesting that American Chinese people are responsible,” MacCallum said, exasperated. “Every thinking human being who looks at this understands that the reference is to the origin of the virus and also the leadership in terms how that virus was handled in the country of origin. Come on.”



This has been an dive down the “rabbit hole” in the last week with the craziness over the term as media/Democrats pick up the Chinese line on this.

No one a few weeks ago had any issue at all with calling it “Chinese virus.”

It’s just ridiculous at this point. It’s like a Stalinesque rewriting of normal naming history and reality, helping the Chinese government propaganda effort to deflect blame to the U.S. and blame the U.S.

But it’s especially bad coming from Biden’s top adviser as well as Biden himself. He’s also made comments about the travel ban somehow being “xenophobic.” That shows a lack of ability to see the issue seriously.

Democrats and some in media are focused more on that than on the virus, the thing on which they’re supposed to be focused.


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