Never Trump David Frum Gets Owned by Himself, Pushes Disgusting Smear Against Trump

David Frum

Never Trump writer David Frum just lost it during an attack on President Donald Trump on Twitter on Monday night.

Frum was attacking Trump for calling the Wuhan coronavirus a “Chinese Virus.” Trump was calling it that because that’s where it originated but also to counter the propaganda campaign by the Chinese communist government to deny that fact, even blame the United States for its origination.


Frum argued, wrongly, that no one tied the disease name to the place of origin anymore.

First of all, no one calls the Spanish Flu the “1919 pandemic” not only because the public always uses a colloquial name, but also because it started in 1918, although in that particular instance it may not have originated in Spain.

Yes, everyone calls it the Spanish flu.

CNN’s Dan Merica.

Obama Ebola Czar (notice name: Ebola for the Ebola river, near where it originated).


Bill Gates.

And whoops, even David Frum.

But in the process of his argument, Frum put out a disgusting smear of Trump, suggesting Trump used the term “yellow peril.”

First, Trump never turned his back on the Hong Kong protesters. Indeed, he was celebrated by them for coming to their defense and signing a bill in support of them.

“Yellow Peril,” historically refers to a racist fear of Chinese coming into the United States and taking jobs. Trump never used the term, never said anything even close, Frum was pulling the term out of his own head so perhaps it says something about him.

Frum is attempting to smear Trump while walking in step with Chinese propaganda as they attack the United States. Maybe he should look to his own behavior?


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