If You're Social Distancing Inside, These Are the Videos You Need to Brighten Your Day

Twitter/Max Brooks

Mel and Max Brooks Make a Coronavirus PSA

Perhaps one thing we need at this time of complete and utter nuttiness is a little more humor.

We brought you some fun with toilet paper the other day.


But here are some more fun videos today.

First, here’s a little advice from Max Brooks. If you don’t recognize his name, you may recognize the name of his father. He gives a little fun lesson on social distancing and protecting the elderly comedy folks in their lives.

Nice job!

Now, it’s not just people having to deal with closures all over the place.

A Chicago aquarium which shut down for two weeks because of the Wuhan virus decided to give their penguins a special treat. They let the Rockhopper penguins out to go around the aquarium and check out some of the other exhibits. How cute is this?


How nice is Orrin Hatch? That’s some fine dog!

This is pretty sweet.

Don’t we all need more Bonnies in our lives?

Hope you enjoyed!


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