Brit Hume Delivers a Little Responsible Reporting in One Tweet on Wuhan Coronavirus

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Brit Hume says President Trump got “rolled” on debt deal with Democrats.

We’ve seen a lot of stoking panic by the media over the nature of the Wuhan coronavirus.


From false reporting about the Trump response to “worst case scenarios” that seem untethered to what has happened in other countries, media has really not behaved well.

We’ve reported how as many more people are tested this week the number of cases are likely to skyrocket, but what’s not bad in that is that that means the mortality rate number will likely drop.

So here’s a little responsible reporting from Fox’s Brit Hume, breaking that down for everyone in an easy to understand tweet.

Those are the basic facts at this point.

That’s with many of the deaths in Washington state tracing to a care facility where there were a cluster of cases.


Now we have to look ahead to probably more Americans being diagnosed with it and more people being seriously ill with it, so we need to continue to take it seriously as we look to places like Italy and with what they are dealing. But we can also look to South Korea seeming to possibly having hit their peak and flattened their curve. Now every country has different variables in nature and how they’ve approached so you can’t do a one-to-one correspondence. But it can still be instructive.

So do all the things that the medical experts are suggesting – washing hands, don’t touch your face (yes it’s hard), practice that social distancing.

But also think positively, because that’s a great help as well.

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