Trump, Jr and Others Now Pointing Out Video of Biden Appearing Unsteady

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife Jill, speaks to members of the press at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Tuesday, March 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)


Joe Biden really went around the bend, threatening to slap an autoworker who questioned him on guns on Tuesday.

When I reported on it, I referenced another video when media asked Biden about the exchange with the autoworker and whether he thought it was right to threaten him.

But I wanted to break that video out by itself and highlight it, because it raises some other questions beyond just his response to that question.

First, just take a look at it.

Now, I can’t make a medical diagnosis on him because I’m not a medical doctor who has examined him, so I wouldn’t. What I would say is that I find his gait, fixed look and apparent unsteadiness at :07 with Symone Sanders having to reach out to steady him, all troubling. Add having to be guided into the car.

He seems to give an unintelligible answer to the question about how he handled the encounter with the autoworker to which he answers, “I’m surprised that Sanders is joining Trump” as his people guide him away from the reporters.

I think he’s trying to blame Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) for someone on his campaign retweeting a video of the autoworker encounter from a GOP account. As I pointed out, that seemed to be a point media was trying to push as well, to perhaps deflect from Biden threatening to slap someone. But since Biden doesn’t explain that talking point, it just sounds weird.


Donald Trump, Jr. is now pointing out the video, as are others.

It’s a long way yet to November, Biden likely has the nomination sewn up and Democrats will do everything they can to coddle him to the nomination. But then what? How is he going to sustain through a potentially bruising general election with the president? Do they have a fall back candidate as some think in the wings (yes, some suspect Hillary would willingly step in)? But that would likely cause the Bernie Bros to have a meltdown, with every good reason.


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