RNC Spokeswoman Busts WaPo, MSNBC For Trying to Give Biden Advice on How to Deal With the Burisma Question

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden, accompanied by his wife Jill Biden, speaks at a primary election night campaign rally Tuesday, March 3, 2020, in Los Angeles. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson)


Joe Biden has had real trouble trying to come up with any kind of a reasonable answer to questions regarding his son Hunter and his work on the board of Burisma.

Earlier in the primary season, Biden lost it on a voter at a campaign event when the man asked him about the question called him “fat” among other insults.

As we reported at the time:

Biden called him a “damn liar,” claiming no one had ever said his son had done anything wrong. He also said to him “look, fat” causing children who were present to be astonished and laugh. When the man said he had “heard about it on TV” meaning the Hunter story, Biden looked at him disparagingly and said, “I know you do” and then said by the way, he, Biden, wasn’t sedentary, again seeming to be taking a swipe at the man over his weight. At one point, Biden even said the voter was “too old to vote for me.”

Not the reaction that you should have with a voter. But that’s another problem that Joe has, in addition to the gaffes and the lies, is losing it when challenged. We’ve seen it multiple times now.


Now media is trying to help Biden by giving him some advice on how to deal with the Hunter/Burisma question. Can you ever imagine them doing such a thing for President Donald Trump? But sure, they don’t root for a side. He may not only have to deal with questions from the voters but questions from the Senate as they probe into the Burisma question. The Senate has started a probe into it.

Republican National Committee spokesperson Liz Harrington pointed out how MSNBC was trying to help him.

“MSNBC laments that Biden doesn’t have a better answer on the Hunter and Ukraine (and China and Romania) question. Biden doesn’t have a better answer because there isn’t one! It’s corrupt politicians who’ve never had a real job using power to enrich themselves. Drain the swamp!”

Andrea Mitchell spoke about an article by the Washington Post’s David Ignatius, that gave Biden advice.

She claimed, “Joe Biden did nothing wrong” and argued he was actually helpful to Ukraine but that someone should have gotten to the Vice President in 2014 and told him about the potential problem and gotten Hunter to quit or Joe to not be the point man on Ukraine. “It’s a human story,” she argued.


From Townhall:

Ignatius adds that this story is one “that most Americans can relate to.”

“It’s about a loving father and a son whose life was falling apart,” he writes.

As Ignatius explains, at the time Hunter took the Burisma board position, he was struggling with a drugs and alcohol addiction, and his brother Beau was undergoing surgery for brain cancer. The Bidens would later lose Beau to the disease. The former vice president, Ignatius explained, would be wise to add that context to any answers he gives about the scandal.

Mitchell was speaking to Sen. Chris Murphy (D-CT) was argued Biden had done nothing wrong and claimed Ukraine wouldn’t be what it was today with Biden.

It’s likely a little too late to try to spin this story now with the Senate looking into it, most people already have made up their mind on it and whether it hurts their view of Biden.

But what it says is how much, even now, that the WaPo and MSNBC seem to be trying to buoy up Biden.


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