Biden Steps In It Big Time as He Weighs In on California's Job-Killing #AB5 Law, Gets Blasted by Voters

AP Photo/Tony Avelar

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden points to his doggie bag as he leaves the Buttercup Diner during a campaign stop in Oakland, Calif., Tuesday, March 3, 2020. (AP Photo/Tony Avelar)


Joe Biden just weighed in on California’s AB5, the job-killing law that went into effect in January and basically killed countless gig-worker jobs all over the state including such jobs as Uber drivers, entertainers, freelance writers and the like.

Biden has come out in favor of the law which millions have been fighting. This is a concern not just to California but across the country because the House passed the Protecting the Right to Organize Act, the PRO Act which has language taken from AB5, so if Biden becomes president and a president like Trump isn’t there to block it, it may become law and put millions more out of work.

It’s an incredibly stupid law that will kill freelance work. They thought that it would force companies to hire workers rather than pay them as independent contractors. But that would require another level of expense for most companies, especially those just getting by, because then they would be required to do things like provide health insurance and other benefits that they wouldn’t have to now. So they wouldn’t do that, they simply wouldn’t hire the workers because they wouldn’t be able to afford to. Or they wouldn’t be able to hire as many and so all those people will lose their jobs.

People on both sides of the aisle have come out against it because it’s something they understand and it can impact and harm so many people.


Voters who know better let Biden have it, including potential supporters of his.


Hundreds of thousands of people losing work, could that flip areas of California to the GOP?

The anger against this is immense, there’s literally no one for it except Democratic politicians and union bosses.

And as our friends at Twitchy noticed, a lot of the folks yelling at Biden are folks who are pursuing careers as photographers, writers, musicians, artists and self-employed, the very people and careers that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) claimed Obamacare would free you to pursue. And now a lot of those people are out of jobs in California and may soon be out of jobs across the country if this and Democratic politicians aren’t stopped.


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