Joe Biden, Bill Kristol, Ted Lieu Spread False Story Trump Called Coronavirus a Hoax, Bloomberg Even Spreads Misleading Video

AP Photo/Rick Bowmer

Democratic presidential candidate and former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg waves after speaking at a campaign event, Thursday, Feb. 20, 2020, in Salt Lake City. (AP Photo/Rick Bowmer)


We reported earlier today about how media was falsely claiming that President Donald Trump had called the coronavirus a hoax at a rally on Friday evening.

What he had actually called a “hoax” was Democrats’ effort to try to politicize and attack his response to it, the “hoax” being that the Trump administration wasn’t prepared or hadn’t responded to it.

Trump, of course was right, as even the AP acknowledged in a fact check on the lies from Joe Biden and Mike Bloomberg saying that we weren’t prepared because Trump had cut the CDC and other false information. In fact, we are the most prepared country in the world and there were no such cuts.

In fact, as Dr. Anthony Fauci mentioned today, the incidence so far in the U.S. is low because Trump stopped entry from infected areas of China over a month ago and started a task force then.

But that didn’t stop media from spreading the false story that Trump called the virus a hoax.

Now, it’s come full circle, with the Democrats now picking up the lie and spreading it further.


Here’s New Democrat, Bill Kristol.

Was this guy ever a journalist?

Joe Biden points his finger in the reporter’s face and claims the world is all confirming it but Trump is calling it a “hoax.” “What is the matter with him,” Biden says.

Um, the fact that Biden believes this without question after everything Trump has already said and done to fight the virus just shows you are not qualified to evaluate facts when false information is presented to you. And Biden is the last person who should be asking “what is the matter” with anyone when he seems to have trouble even knowing what state he is in at any given time. One more reason not to vote for this character.


Then, here’s Mike Bloomberg with a clip, editing out all context to Trump’s comments. Can we say “doctored?”

Paging Twitter…isn’t this the kind of stuff that they said they wanted to stop? This is manifestly false to affect the outcome of an election.

Proving once again, that Trump was right about their politicizing.

They don’t care how this might unreasonable stoke fear, endanger people or the economy, it’s all about attacking Trump.


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